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Edu Suppliers is a one-stop website for schools looking for school supplies and educational supplies, including equipment, services and curriculum subject resources from over 1009 suppliers.

As well as chalk and desk suppliers, Edu Suppliers cover curriculum subject areas, school administration and other categories.

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eptsoft . . . Free STEM: Online Learning for Schools, Students & Parents. Find Hundreds of pages of FREE Educational Content covering STEM subjects. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths for your school. THIS INCLUDES: Over a thousand full colour Royalty Free images and text you can use in developing your own Online or Printed Teaching and Learning materials. Simply Copy & Paste the images and text into a Word document, add notes questions etc and you are free to distribute to your students, acknowledging as the source. eptsoft Free Online Learning Resources have been available since we first published Interactive eTextbooks ten years ago through all the usual online distributors and have been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of Students and Teachers worldwide. Comprising: Full colour images, explanatory text and worked calculations. Featuring: Extensive Table of Contents by Subject, Previous page – Next Page selection with links to Interactive Online Learning. eptsoft have been publishing Educational Software and eBooks into Schools and Colleges worldwide since 1992
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01473231658 ... Ref: 3882 . . . offers a wide range of anatomical models, charts and biology teaching supplies. UK P&P is free on all orders over £50. We have been supplying our school, college and university customers with top quality products since 1999.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0207 193 3108 ... Ref: 2585

Arboles UK ltd. . . . Arboles UK are market leading manufacturers of laboratory taps, emergency eye washes & showers, suppliers of Vulcathene drainage products, ceramic sinks and PED boxes. With a team driven by design, technical expertise, commercial flair and fanatical customer service, we have established a loyal following and a great reputation in the industry since our conception in 1997.
Website:  /     Email:    Tel: +44 (0)1204 388814 ... Ref: 3707

Beijing Weichengya laboratory equipment Co.,ltd. . . . Our products cover lab furniture ( physics chemistry and biology) and experimental apparatus (sensor, physical,biological and chemical experiment apparatus for shcool.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0086+15810354093 ... Ref: 3957

BenchVent . . . We are dedicated to providing reliable, high quality and cost-effective fume & dust extraction equipment. All our products are designed to ensure that you can operate in a cleaner & healthier working environment. All of our air filtration and fume extraction products come with a lifetime guarantee. Create a cleaner, healthier working environment with our bench-top extraction and filtration products
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01423 790039 ... Ref: 2055

Boardworks Science . . . Boardworks Science contains a wide range of definitive biology, physics and chemistry resources from KS3 through to A-Level. Download free lesson plans and teaching materials from our science Free Stuff page.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0845 0 300 400 ... Ref: 1523

BrightSparks4kids . . . BrightSparks 4kids specialise in Educational Teaching Products with both the teacher and child in mind. We design & manufacture classroom resource kits, primarily based around Science and the Design and Technology Curriculums. These kits can be used in all Key Stages. All products are "Ideal for small hands" and have been specifically designed to be durable and hard wearing for the classroom environment. Based in the U.K we offer a unique range of resources to compliment today's modern classrooms. All products are simple to use and engaging and have been developed for a real "Hands On" approach for today's teaching.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01978 280200 ... Ref: 2681

Cochranes of Oxford . . . Cochranes of Oxford Ltd design and manufacture teaching models, apparatus and hands-on kits for primary, secondary and university education in chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, mathematics, design and technology and early-years construction.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01993 832868 ... Ref: 1808

PaperWorks . . . Explore our PaperWorks Teaching Packs with their high quality curriculum-linked multimedia resources covering ages 5-18. You’ll find video presentations, project ideas and comprehensive teaching notes for primary level Art, Science and Technology and secondary level Geography, Business Studies and Design and Technology.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01793 889612 ... Ref: 2284

CTM Potters Supplies . . . Mail order sockist of Valentine & Scarva clays, Scarva glazes; manufacturer of Contem underglazes and stains; stocking hundreds of different tools, books, raw materials, colouring oxides, frits, etc. Rohde kilns, slab rollers and wheels. Specialists in ma
Website:     Email:    Tel: ... Ref: 325

Educademy . . .
Website:  /     Email:    Tel: 01256674247 ... Ref: 3913

Educake . . . Educake is the ideal product for GCSE Science teachers, saving hours of preparation and marking time. With over 4,000 differentiated questions and instant feedback, the product is a valuable homework and revision tool, helping students to build confidence.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0203 289 6658 ... Ref: 2506

Everything Dinosaurs for Kids . . . Everything Dinosaur supplies dinosaurs for kids including related toys, games, puzzles and models. Run by teachers, parents and knowledgeable dinosaur enthusiasts, helping to promote education and an appreciation of Earth sciences.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01606 841068 ... Ref: 1563

Garden Plotters . . . We specialise in delivering tailored workshops about all things to do with gardening. With both design and practical activity days for children from yrs 1-6, your class will cover a number of curriculum subjects from design and technology, maths and science through to minibeasts, growing vegetables and more. We bring along all the tools, plants, compost and tape measures needed to deliver an enriching day, leaving behind perhaps a wildlife area or a vegetable bed that the children have helped to create along with instructions on how to look after it.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01621 788326 ... Ref: 2693

Gardenature - Wildlife Camera Systems . . . Gardenature is Europes No 1 Supplier of NESTBOX & FEEDER CAMS, General Wildlife Camera Systems, ECO CABIN/CLASSROOMS, Photography HIDES and CAMOUFLAGE WEAR. Located on the Essex / Suffolk border many of our products are manufactured by us to the highest standards and carry a warranty. Leaders in our field, our Systems have won various industry accolades along the way, and we have been recommended as 'Best Buy' & 'Best on Test' by Which?..Recieved recommendations from David Domoney, Simon King and Charlie Dimmock to name a few! We are sole suppliers of nestbox cams to the RSPB and we are supported by various Wildlife Trusts throughout Europe.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01473 327775 ... Ref: 899

Greenhouse Stores . . .
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0800 098 8877 ... Ref: 2757

Hangzhou Future Optics Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. . . . We are leading manufacturers and exporters of high quality astronomy and microscopy digital instruments.We actively support education and our digital cameras have been endorsed as highly effective teaching aids.We have a net work of highly qualified distributors who can assist in any enquiry you may have.
Website:     Email:    Tel: Tel: +86- 571-816024 ... Ref: 2845

Integrated Lab Services Ltd . . . Manufacture and Installation of fume cupboards, hoods and extraction systems for schools and colleges. Service and maintenance of fume cupboards and LEV. Online shop for laboratory supplies sinks, taps and drainage
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01423781101 ... Ref: 3042

J.S.Exports . . . Exporter & Manufacturing of Lab Equipments for Primary, Secondary and Further Education science education resources and laboratory equipment for Physics, Chemistry, ,Biology, Plastic ware, Glassware etc.i.e.Anatomical human Models,Spectrometers, Optical Benches, Meters, Travelling Microscopes, Whimshrut Machine, Linear Air Track, Ticker Tape Timer, Microscopes, Van Degraph Genrators, Power Supplies, Kits and many per your requirement and Spec. We can customize as per your requirement .
Website:     Email:    Tel: 00911712699514 ... Ref: 1703

Junior Geo Ltd . . . School Fair Fundraising - sell fab fossils and minerals for a profit - its fun and educational. Order online. New! Panning for gold kits
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01305 751699 ... Ref: 44

Lascells . . . Lascells has been manufacturing equipment for science education from its factory in the UK for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves on quality, customer service and meeting the needs of a demanding subject. We design and develop innovative resources and supply both in the UK and Internationally.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01630657801 ... Ref: 3892

Learn By Design . . . Learn By Design offer bespoke workshops for schools aimed and inspiring students within the fields of science, maths and engineering. Learn By Design are a dynamic and committed team with a business and educational background. We work on behalf of schools, corporate and public sector clients to provide quality, value for money, educational products and services to inspire future generations.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01827 316 297 ... Ref: 2343

Lion Learners . . . Lion Learners use a selection of exotic and familiar animals to present informative, memorable and exciting curriculum based activities tailored to your schools needs. You can book us for foundation through to key stage 3 as an introduction to a topic. Whether you want us as a refresher or as an aid part way through, we have a session for you.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0113 261 0342 ... Ref: 967

Medical Models Online . . . Medical Models Online supply a vast range of educational models, posters, charts and other equipment for Science, Biology, PHSE and general health education and awareness.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01460 200111 ... Ref: 3475

One Weigh . . . One Weigh sells a large range of weighing scales and weighing equipment for schools including laboratory scales and scales for utilisation in school facilities including canteens and administration tasks as well as scales for personal and home usage.
Website:     Email:    Tel: N/A ... Ref: 1897

Online Astronomy Society Academy . . . We offer GCSE Astronomy, Maths, Chemistry. All online. Also a range of telescopes for the beginner
Website:     Email:    Tel: 07788708114 ... Ref: 2842

Philip Harris - Science and Laboratory Equipment . . . Philip Harris is the leading supplier for Primary, Secondary and Further Education science education resources and laboratory equipment. Philip Harris works closely with teachers, technicians and expert advisors in the scientific community to continually innovate – ensuring that products remain adaptable and fully fit for purpose in the modern classroom.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0845 120 4520 ... Ref: 1259

Rapid . . . Leading UK supplier of primary, secondary and further education resources. Wide range of curriculum-based products, including electronics, science, maths, literacy, D&T. Free delivery to primary schools and on all UK orders over £30.
Website:     Email:    Tel: ... Ref: 509

Richard Paul Russell Ltd . . . Kestrel 4000 pocket weather meter reads wind speed, wind chill factor, temperature, heat index, humidity, dew point and wet bulb readings. Makes weather predictions with barometric pressure readings and pressure trends and stores, uploads and charts this data. £245.00 + VAT
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01590 679755 ... Ref: 1724

RoboSavvy Ltd . . . RoboSavvy Ltd. is a distributor of innovative Mobile Robotic systems for education and research. We offer kits and parts that help in teaching the principles of control, design, programming, physics, math and electronics. Students build and customize Walking Robots and Wheeled Robots with easy assembly mechanisms. The robots can learn to move and sense the environment guarantying students are highly motivated and fostering their ingenuity.
Website:     Email:    Tel: +44 (0) 207 193 43 5 ... Ref: 1144

Safelab Systems Ltd . . . Manufacture and service fume cupboards.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0870 240 2273 ... Ref: 315

Samples for Schools . . . We provide dissection supplies, supplying frozen animal organ samples throughout the UK with next day delivery. If you are already dissecting in lessons, we hope to make your life a lot easier by providing a quick, reliable and easy to use service when sourcing your specimens. All of our specimens are vacuum packed and frozen rather than preserved; making for a safer, odourless and more natural specimen.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 07583647550 ... Ref: 3059

SciQuip Ltd . . . SciQuip are Centrifuge, Microfuge, Scientific & Laboratory Equipment Specialists
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01939 234222 ... Ref: 3299

Scolaire Ltd . . . Educational products and resources for schools, teachers and parents
Website:     Email:    Tel: ... Ref: 395

Sirius Analytical . . . Sirius are the market leaders in automated pKa, logP, logD and solubility by titration. For pharma and biotech customers Sirius make automated instruments to measure physicochemical parameters - pK, logP/D, solubility and dissolution, and we provide an analytical service for these physchem parameters and more. Sirius are the exclusive distributors of the Kibron Delta-8 instrument for surface activity profiling and phospholipidosis risk prediction in UK, USA and Canada. Sirius team of scientists are at the forefront of research into physicochemical measurements, and we strive to push the boundaries of the field through peer reviewed and collaborations across industry and academia. For customers in Quality Control, Sirius make GLpH, a unique automated pH meter with automatic calibration and Vinotrate, an automatic titrator for wine pH and titratable acidity measurement with a range of innovative features to improve accuracy and reliability.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01342820720 ... Ref: 794

StarDome Planetarium . . . Mobile Planetarium, Astronomy & Space Science Education Services
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01223-440593 ... Ref: 215

TeachTastic Educational Supplies Limited . . . Primary school science resources, USB microscopes, fossils, magnets, magnifiers, posters, plus early years science discovery resources. We also provide general curriculum learning resources.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 03330064776 ... Ref: 3472

The Big Bug Bag . . . The Bigbugbag brings giant exotic insects into the classroom,and entertains while supporting many areas of the "Life Processes & Living Things" section of the national curriculum. "The Big Bug Bag will inspire awe & wonder in the natural world…Guaranteed!” Julian, Yr 5 teacher.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 07531607007 ... Ref: 1179

Timstar Laboratory Suppliers . . . Timstar is the premier supplier of science and laboratory equipment to the secondary education market. We pride ourselves on providing the highest possible level of customer service with experienced sales advisor's, technical support and customer services teams. We design and manufacture our own range of equipment under the 'Benchmark' brand name which we ship worldwide. To view our range of products and find out more about us visit
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01270 250459 ... Ref: 1785

Tutor for Science . . . Private science tuition in Hertfordshire from qualified science teachers. Face to face or online tuition, weekly online classes, revision courses and a summer science club for budding young scientists.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 07915070712 ... Ref: 3907

VSTEM Education . . . STEM workshops and school speakers for primary and secondary schools. Delivered by a qualified engineer and professional street-dancers. Workshop topics include coding, robotics, forces, electricity, energy, sustainability, Maths and more.
Website:  /     Email:    Tel: 077 5185 6388 ... Ref: 3852

WeatherSense Ltd. . . . WeatherSense Ltd. supply quality weather monitoring equipment to schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK. Application – Curriculum based activities and design, technology & environmental projects. British manufacturer - hand built quality. Technical support - product & technical helpline and service & calibration facility.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01692 502800 ... Ref: 1269

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