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Edu Suppliers is a one-stop website for schools looking for school supplies and educational supplies, including equipment, services and curriculum subject resources from over 1009 suppliers.

As well as chalk and desk suppliers, Edu Suppliers cover curriculum subject areas, school administration and other categories.

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Berkshire Furniture Services Limited . . . Our Indestructible Student Chair is the most robust chair available to the education sector – guaranteed to last a minimum of 10 years. The fixed back helps promote good posture and helps to prevent slouching. Available in a wide range of fabrics including the sturdy but elegant Rivet fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. the chair can be easily refurbished so it's not intended to go to land fill. No removable parts to ensure that the chairs are tamper proof and up to the challenge of withstanding everything that students can throw at them.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0118 957 6144 ... Ref: 3835

Countrywide Waste Solutions Ltd . . . We are a leading Waste Management company operating Nationwide with a particluar emphasis on increasing recycling rates and reducing our customers waste spend. We offer a no obligation FREE WASTE AUDIT and could surprise you with our results
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0845 437 9520 ... Ref: 1281

Crompton Solar . . . Crompton Solar provide Solar Photovoltaic systems reducing energy bills and carbon emissions. Please contact for a free quotation.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01924 368251 ... Ref: 1727

ECA Group Ltd . . . Providers of energy saving and carbon reduction advice. We help schools and businesses meet all of their enviromental obligation and save money.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01246 290490 ... Ref: 3025

Enistic Ltd . . . "Reduce your school's energy spend and carbon footprint with the Enistic Energy Management System" Enistic Ltd produce a range of smart meters and with our online real-time energy monitoring software you can identify where energy is being wasted and make sizeable savings. The system is also intended for the classroom environment to educate students about energy consumption and conservation.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0844 875 1600 ... Ref: 1216

Enviro Electronics. . . . An award-winning and Leading WEEE recycling and electronics waste collections specialist. Providing FREE ENE-END services for the education sector across the country. We collect and recycle ALL WEEE AND ITS PERIPHERALS. We also treat and destroy all Data Bearing Devices at our site and provide you Data Destruction Certifications detailing what has been destroyed and also fulfilling GDPR, and UK & EU WEEE Legislations. Choosing the right IT disposal service can be a difficult, costly, and time-consuming task. The company you may choose from face value may have hidden charges or requirements that may not suit you. Our straightforward FREE start-to-finish process creates a stable, trusted service for our customers. Our money-back scheme pays you for items that may have some market/residual value. Please speak to an agent (01302 376 494) for further information or send us an inquiry via our website. You can also reach us on our social media handles; Facebook and Linkedin.
Website:     Email:    Tel: +441302376494 ... Ref: 3932

Green Running . . . Green Running provides a portable energy monitor – the eAnalyser – to help schools reduce energy bills and achieve sustainability targets. The eAnalyser displays data in real-time, so you instantaneously see changes in consumption of electricity, gas and water. With its vibrant visuals, the eAnalyser also acts as an ideal tool for engaging and teaching pupils about sustainability.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0800 907 0006 ... Ref: 1687

Green Schools Online . . . “Websites that make a difference” - Beautiful, carbon zero, bespoke designed school websites with a powerful but easy to use content editor that puts schools in control. Fully accessible, standards compliant and all content added for you.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0844 884 9684 ... Ref: 392

Rolypig Composter . . . Make recycling an unforgettable experience with the Rolypig Compost tumbler. Simply lift its snout and feed it with lawn mowings, dead leaves, apple cores, fruit waste etc. Specifically manufactured to withstand rough usage in public areas and school playground areas. Introduce recycling as a fun activity and the science follows easily.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01398361656 ... Ref: 2244

Statute Compliance Ltd . . . Our in-house team of senior Health and Safety Consultants help our clients understand how each UK health & safety legislation applies in their workplace. We then help them to establish occupational safety responsibilities and support them with writing and implementing any required practices, protocols, processes, and procedures to ensure the safest environment across the board.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 07401090123 ... Ref: 3860

Toner Cartridge Recycling . . . Toner Cartridge Recycling work with schools, colleges and both public and private sector organisations to provide a free recycling service for empty toner cartridges.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0844 3578704 ... Ref: 1487

Very PC Ltd . . . Very PC design and build award winning energy efficient powerful green desktop PC's and Servers. We also deliver associated products services including PecoBOO, a facial detection system for desktop pcs. PecoBOO works with a simple webcam to enable granular power saving by turning off the screen when a "face" is not present thus saving energy. Our commitment is to sustainability without compromise in line with UK Govt directives. Our latest Ultra Small Form Factor desktop PC is a class leader both in terms of its zero toxic content and its energy star 5 and green tick plus qualification.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0845 0345 017 ... Ref: 1011

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