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Edu Suppliers is a one-stop website for schools looking for school supplies and educational supplies, including equipment, services and curriculum subject resources from over 1009 suppliers.

As well as chalk and desk suppliers, Edu Suppliers cover curriculum subject areas, school administration and other categories.

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Special Needs

Crossbow Education Ltd . . . Specialists in Dyslexia and Visual Stress support resources, supplying coloured overlays, tinted exercise books, and multisensory literacy resources to 60% of UK schools. BESA supllier of the Year short-listed 2011.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0845 269 7272 ... Ref: 1558

Larslaj UK . . . Leading suppliers of Trim Trails and Playground equipment for schools and nurseries
Website:     Email:    Tel: 07805 082438 ... Ref: 1388

Art of Conversation Series . . . The Art of Conversation series teaches communication excellence. Ideal for use a multitude of key subject areas. Critically acclaimed, award-winning acclaimed resources that contribute to life-long learning. Professionally researched & developed. Excellent price. All Ages.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 07963 210830 ... Ref: 2487

Belchamps Scout Activity Centre . . . Outdoor residential experiences, Activity days, D of E camping. why not try us for your year 6 resdiential form £150 for 5 days or 24 hour resdiential taster sessions from £25 per head. We are a scout Activity centre and not for profit, same high quality product but at a fraction of the cost.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01702562690 ... Ref: 1697

Boardworks . . . Boardworks whole-class resources are interactive and editable - the perfect combination for teaching special needs students. Suitable for students of all learning styles and providing complete curriculum coverage across 21 secondary subject areas, Boardworks resources are ideal for every school.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0845 0 300 400 ... Ref: 1543

Bubble Shows Interactive Workshops . . . Learning is fun! Bouncy bubbles, bubbles in bubbles, rainbow bubbles, dry ice volcano and “smoke” bubbles. Giant bubbles come down over a wheelchair user and encourage children with special needs to focus and participate.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 07501 207 427 ... Ref: 3703

Business Writing Hub . . . Professional business plan writers UK platform that provides business plan assistance at a reasonable cost. We provide service across the country with pitch decks, business continuity management, ICO advising, and ICO whitepapers. Our firm has the advantage of providing a complete refund on every expert of affordable business plan services that include a plagiarism-free report.
Website:     Email:    Tel: +447520644421 ... Ref: 3929

Crick Software . . . Crick Software produces literacy software for children of all ages and abilities. Crick’s best-known product is its writing support tool, Clicker, which is used in over 90% of UK primary schools. WriteOnline is its innovative online word processor for students aged 9 – adult.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01604 671691 ... Ref: 1662

Drawing and Talking Therapy Training . . . A therapeutic method of working with children and young people who have emotional and behavioural difficulties or who have suffered some form of trauma. This gentle, yet effective technique is now carried out in over 5000 schools across the UK. A one day training program offered as INSET or through regional training dates.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 020 8715 0745 ... Ref: 2472

Everything Promo UK . . . FREE Artwork & Design, Free Delivery All over United Kingdoms We provide promotional products at low cost without compromising on its quality. Promotional Pens, Pencils, Crayons, Chalk, Pencil Cases, Custom School Bags, Personalised Water Bottles, School Uniforms etc.
Website:  /     Email:    Tel: 0116 326 2040 ... Ref: 3968

Feel Good Friends . . . The award winning company with a unique range of fun educational products. All resources help to build confidence and self esteem helping children to feel good about themselves and their world!
Website:     Email:    Tel: 02082445116 ... Ref: 1469

Felippa Felder Digital . . . We create and provide downloadable Educational Resources in Modern Foreign Languages, English as an additional Language, Phonics and SEN. We sell posters, flashcards, games, printables and other resources in French, Spanish, German, Italian, English as a Second Language and Phonics . We also provide resources for Early Years and SEN . Our resources are sold within our own websites and can also be found online in several marketplaces dedicated to the sale of educational products. You can contact us at : Felippa Felder Digital Educational Resources for Primary Languages. Posters,flashcards,games and other aids in Spanish,French,German,Italian and ESL. English Phonics for ESL,Early Years and SEN.
Website:     Email:    Tel: +447964094559 ... Ref: 3618

Fresh-Air Fitness . . . Outdoor exercise equipment for schools. Primary, Secondary and Special Needs. Permanently installed outdoor gym kit for all abilities and ages. Safe, Durable and Fun to use
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01483 608860 ... Ref: 1615

Independent Writer . . . Our unique system enables students to develop independent writing. Pupils are placed at one of 4 'Words' levels. Then by using the back-up materials they quickly become confident at producing increasingly imaginative and descriptive writing.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01394 460074 ... Ref: 1796

Knock on Wood . . . Musical Instruments from all corners of the globe, including samba, djembe, kalimba, cajons and much more with tuition books and DVDs to match. Instruments for children, early years & special needs including a great range of large Outdoor Musical Instruments.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01423 712712 ... Ref: 1264

Learning SPACE (Specialised Products Aiding Child Education) . . . Learning SPACE is an award winning, fun educational toy and resource store full of toys, games, books and puppets to inspire and educate children. Our wide range aims to meet the needs e.g Autism and interests e.g Science of all children.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 02890319360 ... Ref: 1266

Medieval Days . . . Medieval Days offer a low cost alternative to a school trip – instead we come to YOUR school! Our presentations can feature Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Viking, Norman, Medieval, Tudor & Stuart periods. We offer that ‘Wow’ factor to history topics that bring history alive and helps children think about the past in a new way. We are fully insured and CRB checked. All areas are covered.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01634 401274 ... Ref: 1273

Morrells Handwriting . . . The one thing you must do today...Engage your Pupils with real handwriting skills. It’s time to motivate those hard-to-reach learners who struggle to improve their handwriting skills. Our handwriting books help children understand how to form and join letters correctly. Links between each letter show the correct place to join. Perfect for children who struggle to master handwriting skills. Each book provides a wide range of meaningful practice in handwriting skills through fun Literacy activities. Starting at just £4.95 each, our new range of non photocopiable and photocopiable books are perfect to help reluctant learners whose bad habits are difficult to break. Easy and fun to use. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Guaranteed results. Give a buzz to handwriting!
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0792973444 ... Ref: 676

MTa Learning Ltd . . . MTa PASS is a lifeskills (e.g teamskills, communication, self esteem) resource KIT for use with pupils aged 8-18. The 17 activities come with large durable plastic components, teacher's guide and reusable review sheets. The aim is to improve personal performance and behaviour for all pupils though a series of fun, inteactive activities.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01937844800 ... Ref: 1545

Musii Ltd . . . Musii, which stands for Multi-sensory interactive inflatable is a new music making system that illuminates with colour and emits sound when touched. It is designed for play and sensory therapy and allows players of any ability to explore and express themselves through music.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 07769662829 ... Ref: 1888

School Chair Storage Satchel . . . NEW PRODUCT! DIRECT TO SCHOOLS---School Chair Storage Satchel, Just pop it on the rear of the chairs, Fill with the days Work-Books ,Stationary, and Water Drinking Bottle. Children with special needs can benefit by having their individual school items under their personal control and accessable while seated.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01656 655615 ... Ref: 340

Percussion Plus . . . Over the last 25 years, the company has gone from strength to strength and continues to invest in manufacturing processes, personnel and new product development. We currently supply over 800 percussion lines and manufacture over 40% of our range from our factory in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. We also carry a comprehensive spares list. Our current workforce still continues to use traditional skills to manufacture long lasting and reliable instruments to the Education sector and because we are so confident our products will not fail to impress, all our tuned instruments now come with a 3 year warranty for peace of mind. Our "red" sprayed instruments continue to be the trademark colour of Percussion Plus which sets our products apart from our competitors and are easily recognisable by music teachers and in school music rooms for being reliable, robust and perfectly tuned. Our manufactured "Perfect Pitch" range; including Glockenspiels, Xylophones and Metallophones are still the first choice for schools and educators and once played the instruments are highly distinguishable from other cheaper, more inferior products on the market. British Manufacturing Excellence
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0845 120 4524 ... Ref: 1844

POPS Resources . . . The POPS programme supports an integrated approach to learning to read and slow easy steps to learning to decode. The series consists of finely graded readers supported by Word Cards, Phonic Sets and Educational Games for primary school children with additional support needs.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0131 4477747 ... Ref: 201

Read123 . . . Read123 is the first software of it's kind to screen for Visual Stress/Visual Dyslexia; a condition which causes reading to be slowed down in 1 out of 3 pupils. It's managed with a simple coloured overlay which Read123 will work out for you. It is easy to use, and screens each pupil in 5-10 mins. The software allows you to store and print data for the whole school, the class or just the pupil.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0800 689 0292 ... Ref: 2206

Saracen Products Ltd . . . The GRIPPIT is a dynamic writing aid that provides everyday support for children and adults who have difficulty holding a pen. No thumb pinch is required and can be worn on any finger, left or right handed.It offers total support to the user and it is a unique design.For extra stability in addition, two GRIPPITS can be worn at the same time.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01413362200 ... Ref: 2780

SEMERC . . . SEMERC is a leading UK provider of solutions for iclusion in education. The company offers SENCOs, teachers and parents support and supportive material for learners of all ages with special educational needs. Those resources and services include a comprehensive range of award-winning SEN software, general schools software and specialist hardware and consultancy services. Significantly, SEMERC resources are aimed at general inclusion (providing support for the less and more able in a conventional classroom environment) along with those aimed at addressing specific learning difficulties and needs.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01666 843200 ... Ref: 1286

sensational kids . . . Sensational Kids is a registered charity that sells a range of educational products and therapy related resources for children of all abilities. All proceeds from our online store go directly to funding the charity's occupational therapy centre. The range of products available include the Handwriting Without Tears Range, art & craft supplies, handwriting aids, reading aids, a range of books for parents & professionals on various special needs areas and a huge range of developmentally appropriate toys for children of all abilities.
Website:     Email:    Tel: +353 45 520900 ... Ref: 1172

Sensory Guru . . . Sensory Guru is a dynamic new company with a passion for developing exciting and innovative learning technologies. Specialising in the design and installation of interactive multi-sensory environments, gesture controlled technology and inclusive music technology, Sensory Guru can deliver environments that are inclusive, inspiring and at the leading edge of technological development.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01892771381 ... Ref: 1119

Shy and Mighty . . . The Mighty Mob is an online program for kids who identify as shy, and who want to feel braver, more able to speak-up, more able to join-in, and more comfortable being themselves. How it works: - Each week your mobsters will head over to the Mighty Mob online portal - Download your weekly Mighty Mission activity sheets - Print off your missions and get going (either in a group at school or at home with a parent, guardian or friend. - Each activity takes around one hour to complete – over the course of the week - Take little steps forward to becoming more mighty, day by day, week by week. - Your mobster will feel supported and understood - Earn virtual points and badges for every mission your mobster completes - Your mobster will feel more mighty by the day! The Mighty Mob will help your shy kids… - Feel happier and more confident - Become more resilient and better able to handle difficult situations - Feel comfortable speaking up in class and sharing their ideas and opinions - Become braver and more inclined to embrace uncertainty and new situations - Stop comparing themselves to others and finally feel comfortable being themselves -Understand their shyness and take steps to overcome the aspects of shyness that are holding them back -Improve their social skills and find it easier to socialise and make friends - Say yes to opportunities and take part in activities - Feel understood and supported
Website:     Email:    Tel: 07419113826 ... Ref: 3874

Soundfield at PC Werth Ltd . . . Soundfield enhances and clarifies the teacher's voice so that all pupils in a classroom can better understand everything said to them. Everyone benefits as a result - pupils get better academic results and develop their language skills faster; teachers suffer far less vocal strain and spend less time repeating things.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 02087722700 ... Ref: 1670

Special Direct . . . To help you teach and help children with special needs learn, with resources for Speaking and Listening, Speech Therapy, Autistic Spectrum, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Handwriting, Inclusion and much more.
Website:     Email:    Tel: ... Ref: 297

StartWrite, Inc. . . . Startwrite is the easiest way to create customized handwriting practice sheets for your student.Just Type it, Print it and Practice! It’s that easy!
Website:     Email:    Tel: 801-359-2173 ... Ref: 1961

The Music Workshop Company . . . We supply schools with interactive music workshops tailored to their needs by experienced workshop leaders. Workshops include African Drumming, Samba, Singing, Composition, INSET. We work across Britain. All musicians are CRB checked.
Website:     Email:    Tel: ... Ref: 347

The Naughty Seat . . . Class Charts, Posters, Reward charts, stickers, badges, certificates, time out range, awards, all to encourage good behaviour and healthy eating.
Website:     Email:    Tel: dept ... Ref: 1349

The Play Doctors . . . Educational Support Resources for Social Communication, Special Educational Needs, Behaviour, Emotions and more
Website:  /     Email:    Tel: 01234 391436 ... Ref: 3895

Total Sensory . . . Supplier and Manufacturer of sensory equipment, and designers of sensory rooms, soft play rooms and sensory gardens. Contact us for a free new catalogue.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01702 542231 ... Ref: 1600

Visual Learning for Life . . . Visual Learning for Life is a company that aims to create vision for every child's future by stimulating visual perceptual skills and in so doing improve their learning abilities. Visual Learning for Life has developed a valuable resource in the form of a 1,000 unique and inspiring worksheets. The comprehensive range and wide variety of worksheets have been designed to support children of all ages (between 4 and 18 years) and varying ability. This makes this resource a powerful and exciting tool to empower you as a teacher, especially when working with children with special educational needs.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 07913525385 ... Ref: 137

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