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Edu Suppliers is a one-stop website for schools looking for school supplies and educational supplies, including equipment, services and curriculum subject resources from over 1009 suppliers.

As well as chalk and desk suppliers, Edu Suppliers cover curriculum subject areas, school administration and other categories.

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Finance and Leasing

Academy Schools - VAT Guidance . . . Academy VAT is an easy to use guide to VAT which is packed with valuable information and expert guidance about VAT registration and the rules which apply to everyday transactions in your school. We can assist you with:The VAT treatment for numerous different transactions; Information on the different ways an academy can be structured and organised; Inform whether it is desirable (or necessary!) to register for VAT; Reclaiming the correct amount of VAT on costs; The VAT recoverable using voluntary claim Forms VAT126; Planning ideas to help improve recovery of VAT and much more. Subscribe today and get instant access to valuable VAT guidance for your academy school.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 023 8046 1200 ... Ref: 2359

Axis Leasing . . . We have long standing experience of arranging lease finance for schools and local authorities for all types of asset, from software to furniture.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01269 844442 ... Ref: 1271

MIDAS - Web-Based Room Scheduling . . . Web-based room and resource scheduling for schools. Keep accurate records of your external lettings, invoice clients, and put a stop to double bookings!
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01614910002 ... Ref: 1556

Castle Minibus . . . Unlike other leasing companies, Castle Minibus’ Premier Service isn’t an expensive extra or add-on. When you lease your school or college minibus from Castle, the Premier Service comes as standard. Castle Minibus has developed its Premier Service to help schools and colleges manage their minibus transport efficiently and with the minimum of effort. When you lease a Castle Minibus, all you need to do is arrange the insurance, fill up with fuel, and you’re on the road.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01869 253744 ... Ref: 1511

FAIR CONTRACT ASSOCIATES LTD . . . Champions of Fair and honest Office Equipment Contracts: Clients include schools, charities and small businesses 40 years of expert knowledge in the office equipment industry One deeply powerful goal: to ensure schools and charities are NOT tied into unfair money draining contracts A ‘leave no stone unturned’ ethic sees repeated high praising testimonials, copiers, phones, whatever you are buying call us before signing to make sure your deal is as Fair to you as the supplier.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 03332 400545 ... Ref: 2313

HAT Group of Accountants . . . The HAT Group provides training, recruitment and compliance services to accountancy firms.It also provide compliance services to its members, covering audit, financial reporting, practice management and related issues to ensure they are delivering fully compliant services to their clients and regulators.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 02072139911 ... Ref: 3304

Leasing Advisory service . . . We provide a unique and confidential Equipment Lease auditing service at no cost to your school.The BBC Panorama programme highlighted the fact that many schools have been seriously overcharged and oversold their leases resulting in substantial refunds now being returned from the finance companies.We are here to help.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 01327 340408 ... Ref: 1777

Pebble: School Fund Manager . . . School fund manager is an accountancy package dedicated to managing school voluntary funds from payments to period end and book-keeping to banking you are fully supported by our experienced team. Software specialists, Pebble, designed School Fund Manager as the perfect way to keep track of every penny of your pupils' money. It's not just schools that can benefit; versions of SFM are also used by sports clubs, churches, PTAs and community organisations up and down the country. Pound for pound, it's the best solution around. The Key Benefits are that you can quickly enter details of receipts and payments, instantly receive reports and balances, manage year-end procedures painlessly, easily access, amend and update your transactions, create a fully transparent audit trailk and plug in to our mail merge and Gift Aid applications
Website:     Email:    Tel: 08453101788 ... Ref: 1495

SBS Online . . . SBS Online is the complete budget planning and monitoring tool for schools and its flexible reporting structure ensures a smooth transition to academy status. Accurate budget monitoring will provide early forecasts of year-end under or overspends. The ability to compare multiple scenarios and how they affect a school’s outturn will enable them to make on-the-spot, sound financial decisions.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0345 222 1551 ... Ref: 2815

The Capital Group . . . The Capital Group is a specialist finance & leasing company with one of the largest funding portfolio's in the UK. The Capital Group looks to offer facilities for all capital equipment acquisitions including: office equipment, telephone systems, IT equipment, security equipment, catering equipment, and school furniture. Should you be acquiring any equipment for your school please ask for a quotation.
Website:     Email:    Tel: 0845 4567 707 ... Ref: 887

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